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Sleep Tracks Review
Sleep Tracks Review

SleepTracks Sleep Optimization Program Review; Does it Work?

Do stress and anxiety make it difficult to let go of the thoughts of the day? Your mind races and scatters as you lie in the dark on your bed trying to force yourself to sleep, yet the thoughts of relaxing just bring about a vicious cycle of more frustration and tension. You wake up feeling exhausted and groggy even after spending over 6 hours in bed. This sound familiar? You are not alone as statistics shows that 50-70 million people in the US suffer from wakefulness disorder, commonly known as insomnia. After years of research on the most appropriate techniques and methods of overcoming insomnia, one sufferer of wakefulness was able to come up with techniques that helped him overcome the condition. He documented all the tips, techniques, and methods that he used in a guide he called SleepTracks Sleep Optimization Program. We carried out a review of the program to determine whether its claims are true and this is what we found.


What is SleepTracks Sleep Optimization Program?

Sleep Tracks, also called SleepTracks Sleep Optimization Program, was created by Yan Muckle. It is a comprehensive program that was developed to provide an alternative way to overcome sleep disorders, especially insomnia. Having been created back in 2007, the guide has been updated and revised based on new research and feedbacks of many people who have been using it. The program was designed to trigger the electrical activity of the brain in the form of brainwaves.

The SleepTracks Sleep Optimization Program revolves around a technique called brainwave entrainment. This method has been proven to get the listener’s brain to synchronize with outside stimuli. The sleep cycle is mainly controlled by the brain and therefore, by influencing your brain your sleep cycle will be influenced as well. Normally, the brain has to switch from the active mode into sleeping mode for you fall asleep.

The SleepTracks Sleep Optimization Program contains audio sessions and an educational part which have been improved and refined based on the feedbacks and recommendations of both real users and sleep experts. The program contains three important steps that you need to go through to restore your sleep. The steps include brain reboot, confidence reboot, and finally, habit reboot. After learning this steps, your brain will reset its capacity to produce sleep-inducing brainwaves when required.

About The Author

The SleepTracks Sleep Optimization Program was created by a former insomnia sufferer known as Yan Muckle. He devoted years and effort on doing research to find a cure for his sleep disorders. His efforts paid off, and he was able to find practical and natural methods to overcome his wakefulness. Yan based his program on three chief concepts:

1. Brainwave Reboot; this is an innovative technique that helps to reset your body to induce your brain to produce more sleep-inducing brainwave through rhythmic and subtle pulses that safely and gently guide your brain towards sleep mode.

2. Confidence Reboot; this is a guided meditation that will allow you to relax and relieve all the stress and worries that might be keeping your sleep at bay.

3. Habit Reboot; this concept help you get overall health back so that you can be able to handle anxiety and stress and truly welcome sleep during bedtimes.

Yun Muckle wrote this guide in a very systematic and flowing manner that everybody can understand all the concepts. He has used very simple language.

What Is Included In The SleepTracks Sleep Optimization Program?

Once you have purchased this guide, you'll be given the primary manual of the program. SleepTrack primary manual organizes the three aforementioned concepts into different sections. The sections includes:

1. Insomnia Buster

This is an audio track that you need to play during bedtime. It is meant to help you fall asleep by stopping the rant inside your head. It is like an "off" button to the constant monologs in your head. This audio session will help you recondition the brain to trigger sleep over the course of several weeks.

2. Fall Asleep

This track is the backbone of this program; it will help you fall asleep by enabling you to relax. It slows down your brainwaves and makes you relax so that you can sink into deeper sleep.

3. Whole Night

This track is meant to help you maintain deep and quality sleep throughout the night. If you constantly wake up every night, then this track will keep you asleep.

Besides the primary guide, users will be given bonus items as part of the package. The bonuses include:

1. Fast Start Guide. This is a simple eBook that will help you optimize your sleep experience.

2. Optimal Sleep Course. This bonus item gives you more suggestions and advice that will help you enhance sleep. It will enlighten you on concepts like factors that cause poor sleep, the amount of sleep you really need, how you can stop worrying about insomnia and much more. All the information discussed here are scientifically researched and proven.

There is also a premium version of SleepTracks Sleep Optimization program, and it includes two additional tracks which offer support during the day. They include:

1. Power Nap- This is a 20-minute nap that will help you get a siesta. However, this will not disturb your sleep cycles. It is an excellent way to recharge your body during the day.

2. Anxiety Ease- This will help you let go of anxiety and stress while helping you remain totally alert.

What Are The Pros of Using SleepTrack Sleep Optimization Program?

- It is completely natural as it doesn’t involve any use of drugs.

- The program has been proven to help insomnia sufferer overcome their disorder.

- It helps you handle depression, stress, and anxiety.

- The program comes with a 60-day money back guarantee.

- It is relatively cheaper and affordable. Besides, the bonuses that accompany the main package makes it a great bargain.

The Cons of SleepTrack Sleep Optimization Program?

- You’ll be required to make several changes that take time. Therefore, you’ll need to be dedicated and have patience.

- The basic membership of the program doesn't come with Power nap and Anxiety ease tracks, and you'll be required to pay extra money to access them.

- The program is not suitable for pregnant women or people with conditions that require psychiatric or medical attention.

Where to Buy the Program?

You can get The SleepTracks Sleep Optimization Program on Clickbank.

The Final Thoughts: Is It Worth Buying SleepTrack Sleep Optimization Program?

Instead of using sleeping pills, which are known to have long-term side effects to your body, we would highly recommend using the SleepTracks Sleep Optimization Program as it is all-natural. It has been proven to help insomnia sufferers get to sleep easily, and this is evident from the many positive reviews the guide has received. Get your copy and audios today!


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