A few tips that may help 40 million people get a good night sleep!




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A few tips that may help 40 million people get a good night sleep!
A few tips that may help 40 million people get a good night sleep!

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A few tips that may help 40 million people get a good night sleep!

If by chance you get tired as you read this short article, then you are already feeling the effect…copy-of-18942503_m

It has been estimated that over a 100 million Americans have periodic rest issues, of which 40 million are alleged to have rest issue called “sleep disorder”, and more than 75% of the populace are going about their daily activities unable to sleep consistently. Research has reported that this issue is deteriorating as the day goes by, and there are no indications that the circumstance will turn out to be better. Truth be told, the number of individuals reporting sleep issues have increased by about 33% over the last five years! Can you picture what the statistics of people having sleep issues would be in the next decade? Shockingly, it doesn’t appear as though we are heading in the right path. (You can read for more insights at our URL: http://www.sleepfoundation.org/.)

In this type of society where being busy is the order of the day and things are going at a very fast rate, it appears we are just continually on the move, considering, and attempting to achieve more things. Whenever we are less busy, the first thing is to make up for lost time with a little TV or do some other hobbies that we have “not had sufficient time to do”, besides having a good sleep. What’s more, most of us just need a sound quality sleep for an appreciable amount of time.

Researches done on sleep has revealed that not accepting the necessary quality amount of rest have a negative effect on our lives, sometimes to a greater extent. It can change the way we see and experience our lives and our general surroundings in sensational ways.

Below are guides that can help us recognize when we are not getting enough quality rest each night:

  • Feelings of tiredness sooner or later during the day
  • Climbing our bed to sleep and within few minutes we find ourselves sleeping
  • Decreased level of tolerance and we develop a high level of antagonistic vibe
  • when we realize we are finding it difficult to concentrate
  • Presence of Slowed reflexes
  • when it becomes difficult to make a sound judgment
  • When we suddenly lose interests in things
  • When we experience abnormal increase or decrease in weight
  • nippiness as a result of a change in temperature of the body
  • When we become easily tensed
  • When we find ourselves sleeping at odd hours
  • When we become less creative
  • When it becomes difficult for us to think logically or carry out complex task
  • when we are too self-conscious with increased anxiety

On the off chance that you discover you are exhibiting any of these attributes, it would be best for you to get a long and sound sleep every night.


Amazingly, statistics has shown that making an improvement in our night rest is one of the quickest approaches to better our quality of life and waking hours.

peradventure you are finding it difficult sleep, there are things that can help you overcome this difficulty rapidly. Yes, what you will be told may appear glaringly evident to numerous people, yet most times we tend to miss the obvious. In this way, how about we taking a tour of some quick and simple ones.

Two Things to Avoid: Caffeine and Nicotine

It is advisable to reduce the levels of caffeine utilized during the day. According to research, individuals who have insomnia have a higher metabolic rate (ordinarily 9%) than individuals that get sound sleep at night. For the rate of metabolism of individuals that sleep very well to reach the same level as individuals having sleeping troubles, it would take about 4 cups of coffee. From this metabolic marker, despite the fact that the individual with the sleeping disorder does not really feel wide awake and exhibits all the features that indicate he is not getting enough rest, we cannot help but notice the fact that the man who takes caffeine on a regular basis will be highly physiologically stimulated. It is no news caffeine is a stimulant!

To cut the story short…reduce the levels of caffeine taken every day to the barest minimum. We are not forcing you to stop permanently, even if it would be of great help. Obviously, you would not want to take caffeine few hours before going to bed if you really want to sleep.

list of things, both food, and beverages, that may contain caffeine:

  • Coffee – Brewed (whether dripped or filtered), it includes the supposed “decaffeinated” coffees
  • Tea – Brewed (whether dripped or filtered), it also includes the supposed “decaffeinated” coffees
  • Cocoa
  • Chocolate (be it Light, Dark, Baker’s, and so on.): Beverage or Food. This includes hot chocolate milk.
  • Most soft drinks: Including the ones for dieting and the “Clear” Sodas – examples include Diet Coke, CokeRC Cola, Diet Pepsi, , Mr. PIBB, Pepsi, Canada Dry, etc.

Next, taking of nicotine can have an effect on our attitude to sleep at night. It is also a stimulant like caffeine. The basic method of taking nicotine is by smoking. Some of the effects of Smoking are increased blood pressure, stimulated brainwave activity and increased heart rate.

Research have reported that it really difficult for smokers to sleep at night and that they wake very often during the night. There is every possibility that the later as a result of withdrawal. What’s more, research has also found that it is easy to sleep soundly and wake less often at night for an individual that has stopped smoking after being an active smoker taking 1 to 3 packs of cigarettes daily for over a period of at least two years. s

Clearly, it is difficult for individuals to just stop smoking, as most people that smoke already know it is very addictive and a difficult habit to stop. You can try reducing your smoking and when you smoke try doing it at some specific times during the day. It is advisable to avoid smoking cigarettes when preparing to go to bed and if you must smoke try doing it several hours before sleep time, to help you get a good and sound night. For individuals that smoke and are determined to achieve better night rests, then is advised they stop smoking because it is the fastest way to develop a good sleeping habit.

Bedroom Sleep Tips!

The things we can do that help us get better sleep at night are much including making an assessment of our bedroom of sleep environment. Not everything on this list will work for you, so you will need to first focus on a few making little adjustments through time until you finally know what works best for you.

  • Bed Sheets: for comfort… silk might be romantic depending on you. Your sheets should also smell good.
  • Room Temperature: the temperature of the room should not be too hot or too cold. A few people find it comfortable to keep the room cold while wrapping up warmly in their bed sheets. For those having cold feet they simply wear socks.
  • Noise or Sound: the less the better, but on the other hand a few people might need that underlying constant sound to enable them to sleep.
  • Humidity: If you discover your throat is scratchy/sore, your skin feels dry, or your sinus is congested, it may be due to the fact that your room is excessively dry. On the other hand, if you feel warm, damp with sweat, and moist, you might need to check whether your room is too humid.
  • Lighting: it is easy to sleep when the environment is dark.
  • Drafts: draft might be convenient for some people, while to others it’s a disturbance. If you experience a tight chest while sleeping, then there is a possibility you have a draft in your room. When air is stagnant, it becomes stale so it is wise to always open the window to allow for fresh air to make the room conducive.
  • Cleanliness: when the environment is clean it keeps the air fresh and helps in getting a sound sleep.
  • Bed Equals Sleep: your bed should be solely for sleeping and not for other activities. It is wise to do your “home” work elsewhere and not in bed. When we start using our beds for other things or even TV we tend to have difficulty in sleeping at night. In the same way, when we use our beds for relaxation activities, sleep or sex, we find it easy to get sound sleep at night.
  • Clocks: some features of clocks can distract us from sleeping. For example, the ticking sound of a mechanical clock, brightness from digital clocks or even placing the clock in front of us can distract us from sleeping. In some cases, the continuous ticking sound of the clock can help in sleeping.
  • Pillows and Mattresses: it is advisable to patiently find what works best for you. You can try the new memory foam pillows, even though expensive would be worth the money. Take your time to check for high-quality product, high-density memory foam because they are lots of cheap, lightweight memory foam pillows in the market. You should try to test your bed at home to make sure it suits you before making it a permanent possession.
  • Biggest sleep tip of all: have patience and be gentle on yourself as you search for what works best for you. I bet it’s worth the time and energy. Just reading the above tips can make you aware of ways you have not thought about that will help you get a sound quality night sleep. Be patient and do your thing with care.

These are just some of our sleep tips that can help us get better night sleep and have a better quality of life.

As reported by statistics, most people walk on the road partially asleep every day, which indicates that our quality of life is poor as compared to what is expected and this can affect our lives negatively. Not having enough quality sleep can result in physical and mental issues.

Try the tips given above and evaluate yourself. Take as much time as is needed and be patient to find what has worked for others and how you can help yourself improve your quality of life by getting a sound night sleep.

If you have any question or remark concerning sleep issues, you are more than welcome to visit my site: http://www.stasispillow.com where you can reach me, read more articles about sleep, and even take IQ test on sleep and increase your knowledge on sleep. Hope you were able to find this tips helpful. They can help you get a better quality of life. I can boldly say these tips have helped me and so many others. Have a good night rest!

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