Apex Medical iCH II CPAP Auto machine Review

Apex Medical iCH II CPAP Auto machine
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Apex Medical iCH II CPAP Auto machine Review
Apex Medical iCH II CPAP Auto machine  Review

Apex Medical iCH II CPAP Auto machine

Apex Medical iCH II Auto Machine Review

Sleep apnea is not new to the world. While most people will dismiss it to snoring and try to live with the consequences, the condition could be as fatal as the world’s most fearsome diseases. One of the ways to rectify this breathing disorder is through CPAP machines.

About 22 million American residents suffer from sleep apnea. Mind you; these numbers only present the diagnosed patients. America Sleep Apnea Association predicts that about 80 percent of both severe and mild cases of apnea are undiagnosed. Not everyone suffering from this condition seeks medication attention.

Sleep apnea is a serious condition that is characterized by pauses in your breath (for several seconds) and deep snoring. These breaks could cause serious diseases such as brain damage, hypertension, heart failures, and other cardiovascular problems. There is also the social stigma that most snorers suffer from.

One of the most efficient ways to address sleep apnea is by using a CPAP machine. This device clears the airwaves by lifting the jaw line (which collapses when your muscles relax). It has to be paired with an appropriate mask, which is not included in the CPAO machine.

About iCH II Auto Machine

This machine is built by Apex Medical, as the second edition of a previous model. It has an inbuilt humidifier, which is not very common with CPAP machines. It may not be the smallest device, but it is sized comfortably for easy portability.

It features reduced noise levels, an SD machine for data storage, a USB port for easy data management, and buttons for pressure adjustment. This Apex Medical iCH II Auto Machine Review looks into the features that make this machine a hit with most sleep apnea patients.

A Highlight of The Features

    • Automatic adjusting CPAP machine
    • Heated humidifier with water chamber
    • Weighs 2.51 lbs and measures 6.5″ x 7.8″ x 6.9″
    • Noise level is 28 dBA
    • An alluring 2-year warranty
    • 100V-240V universal power supply
    • Leak compensation
    • Automatic altitude compensation
    • Compliance monitoring
    • Events Detection and download capability.
    • Clock with alarm function
  • Mini SD card and USB cable included

Easy Data Storage and Transfer

When you are on therapy, your physician will need to go through the data collected in your sleep to determine whether the therapy is working. Apex’s iCH II Auto Machine comes with an SD machine, which collects data every day for the duration of your therapy. The physician will only need to insert the reader into the USB port to go through your data for analysis.

Reduced  Noise Levels

A CPAP machine is meant to prevent the jaw from collapsing, to keep the airwaves open. It reduces snoring to manageable levels. If your machine is louder than the snoring it is meant to reduce, there will be no relief to you or the person sharing your room. The ideal CPAP machine has noise levels lower than 40 dbs. This one vibrates at 28 decibels.  

The Inbuilt Humidifier

With its inbuilt humidifier, you save the cost of acquiring one separately. The humidifier can operate up to 8 hours nonstop, which is about the usual sleeping time. It has advanced features that keep it running even in extreme conditions.

Pressure Relief

During sleep, your sleeping position changes. You twist and turn, which affects the pressure that your body is under. For example, the pressure exerted when you sleep on your stomach is different from when you sleep on your back.

Most machines let out a beep to alert you to change the position or to adjust the pressure on the machine. Not the iCH II Auto Machine; it automatically adjusts the pressure to allow you peaceful sleep. It has the new technology, pressure variation algorithm (PVA), which reduces pressure levels during exhalation and then adjusts them to normal levels upon inhalation. All the data is recorded so that you can see your sleeping pattern in the morning. The visual will help you make the appropriate settings.

An Easy Interface

Your data collects and shows on the monitor. The screen on the face of your machine lets you know the quality of your sleep. The display is backlit for visibility even when you are a few meters away from it. The information that shows on your screen is simplified so that you can interpret it without the interaction of a doctor. The lettering and numbering are big too, for visually challenged people.

The Size

The machine is slightly larger than some new ones, but then they do not have its efficiency. It measures 6.5″ x 7.8″ x 6.9,” and weighs 2.51 pounds, which may not be palm-size, but it’s not that huge either. It is shaped creatively and has a small footprint. The size makes it quite flexible to carry in your travels because 2.5lbs is not that heavy.


This machine is ideal but for one thing; the price pinches. While it has all the features you want in a CPAP machine, you will have to dig deeper to afford it. The argument here, though, is that a humidifier is included in the price, which we agree is a bargain. Even though it feels like a lot to fork as an initial cost, think about the service that it will give you.

What Do We Think of This Machine?

This machine is an improvement over a previous edition. What Apex has done is advance the features to include PVA, and to reduce the size to make this CPA machine more portable than the previous. The noise levels are impressively low (currently the lowest on the market) for your comfort. Their premium price is in line with the market, so when you buy this machine, you get a great deal at the best price. Is it a worthy investment? Definitely. Do not forget the unlimited 2-year warranty from Apex.

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