LUNA – #1 Natural Sleep Aid Review Help U Sleep

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LUNA – #1 Natural Sleep Aid Review Help U Sleep
LUNA – #1 Natural Sleep Aid Review Help U Sleep

Thousands, maybe millions of people all over the world suffer from insomnia. Is there a non-addictive way to deal with this? Read more........

Luna Natural sleep aid

LUNA – #1 Natural Sleep Aid Review Help U Sleep

Thousands, maybe millions of people all over the world suffer from insomnia. Is there a non-addictive way to deal with this?

What is in the bottle? The sleep aid contains Valerian root, melatonin, chamomile, passionflower, lemon balm, and magnesium. The manufacturer claims that they are all organic and vegetarian. Let’s take a closer look at these ingredients and their impact on your sleeping pattern.


This hormone is produced naturally in the body to help you go to sleep. During the day, the hormone, which works hand in hand with the amount you are exposed to, is inactive. When night falls, the pineal gland is activated and starts producing the hormone, to get you ready for bed. The body responds to melatonin by yielding to drowsiness and lethargy, which then leads you to stop working and go to sleep. The levels of melatonin stay high all night until the early morning when light seeps into your sleeping quarters.

This hormone acts as a natural sleeping aid. It relies on natural light, which is one of the reasons why you feel drowsy earlier during days when it gets dark sooner than normal. In the absence of this hormone, the normal sleeping pattern would be disrupted. Your body would not know when to stop and get some rest. Some foods such as cow’s milk, walnuts, olives, rice, and barley contain some level of melatonin.

The long and short of it is that melatonin is a good addition to any sleep aid, as it complements the levels that are produced naturally by the body.

Lemon Balm, Valerian Root, Sand Chamomile

It has calming effects that help the body to reduce anxiety and to relax. It does not work alone, though. It needs the boost of other herbs such as chamomile, valerian, and hops to be effective. These herbs (chamomile, hops, and valerian) are also present in Luna sleeping Aid.

A point to note about valerian is that it is not recommended for pregnant women or that nursing. It is not known whether the herb gets to the breast milk, but it would be safer to inquire before using Luna Sleeping Aid.

The ingredients that form the Sleep Aid are natural and have no negative impact on the body. They are also vegan-approved, so no one is left out. The Sleep Aid is made using FDA approved ingredients, which gives you the satisfaction that it will not harm you.

What one needs to note is that they have their interactions with some drugs, which may render them less efficient. It is also interesting to note that experts recommend you take valerian root for a period not longer than six weeks, even though the effects of consuming it past that period are not known yet.

Is Luna Safe?

The company had used a list of ingredients whose side effects are either minimal or non-existent. However, some o these herbs could spark allergies, so it is wise to discuss it with a doctor before using the sleep aid.

Equally important is the matter of dosage. As much as Luna Sleeping Aid does not contain ingredients that could harm you, consuming it in larger doses than those prescribed could. Some people may think that the quickest way to regulate their sleeping patterns would be by consuming more than requited, but this would only have an adverse impact on the body. It could even harm the very sleeping patterns that you are hoping to establish.

Does the Sleep Aid Work?

If the reviews from consumers are anything to go by, then it works well. The majority of reviewers say that it has effectively helped them regulate their sleeping patterns. The duration it took to feel positive effects differs, with some noting improvement immediately and some taking a little longer. The From the ingredients list, we would expect it to regulate your sleeping pattern, seeing that the primary ingredients are safe for use and promote sleep naturally. They are also vegan, which gives you the sense of safety. If this sleeping aid is taken in dosages recommended on the bottle, then it would yield good results.

Could This Supplement Do Better?

Yes, Luna could use some essential ingredients that have an even bigger impact on sleeping patterns. Studies have shown that L-ornithine reduces fatigue, which in turn relaxes the body and helps you get a good night’s rest.

Kuna sleeping aid also contains brown rice bran powder, which is known to have an effect bowel movements. This itself may reduce the effectiveness of some of the already present ingredients or be counteractive. Hypromellose, which is an active ingredient though in small quantities, is an unnecessary filler that only bulks up the list of ingredients.

The ingredients could be reviewed to include the amino acid mentioned above, and the unnecessary bulk could be removed to make the product even more effective.  

The Cost of Luna

A prescription containing 60 capsules costs $20.85 at the time of this review. It is recommended that you take 1-2 pills 30 to 30 minutes before sleep. Considering that you only have to follow through with this plan for at most six weeks, the cost seems fair to me. The retailers on Amazon offer attractive discounts when you buy them in bulk, which could reduce tour cost considerably. If you feel results sooner than the six weeks, you can discontinue the dosage with no expected repercussions and save some money on a new bottle that would otherwise go to waste.  

Final Thoughts

Like anything else that you use for your health, Luna Sleeping Aid is it’s most effective when taken as per the prescribed order. Overdosing yourself will only lead to catastrophic results. The ingredients are safe as far as we can tell and they are natural as the manufacturer claims. The supplement could use some tweaking to make it even more potent, but the users swear by it.  

Note that these ingredients do cause drowsiness. That is why they are actually used in this product in the first place. It is advisable to take this supplement minutes before bedtime. Do not take the capsule then drive or operate a machine.

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