Sleep 3D Mask (New Design by PrettyCare

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Sleep 3D Mask (New Design by PrettyCare
Sleep 3D Mask (New Design by PrettyCare
3D Sleeping Mask by Pretty Care

3D Sleeping Mask by Pretty Care

Smile often, Laugh often and Sleep Better: 3D Sleeping Mask by Pretty Care

Do you travel often or work late night shifts?

Do not let sleep disorders and anxiety break your stride as you strive to meet your financial or career goals. – It’s never too late to make that change. Stretching your body to the limit is unhealthy. Waking up tired and feeling down may be hindering your upward career progress.  Instead, why not try this amazing sleeping accessory – you could be kinder to yourself.

Your body will never have to wake feeling abused while traveling, at work and home if you can take the plunge and begin using 3D sleeping masks. They are stylish, slim, and lightweight and you can bet you will always awaken feeling fresh even after short naps.

Note: For better results rub a few drops on your palms and face before sleeping – to calm down faster. To get uplifted on waking add 2 drops of lemon oil to a glass of water.

Modern Adaptations to fit a Busy Lifestyle

  • Slim Design

It can be difficult to sleep while traveling on the road or by air. Airlines provide sleeping masks but many are too small, or unsuitable for your needs. Contour designed 3D sleeping masks are super slim for comfort and will ensure each trip you make is much less strenuous. Weighing only 2 oz with 0.6 cm thickness –the ultra-modern product guarantees refreshing sleep each time.

  • Practical Design

Many of the competing have smaller eye cavities – and can smudge makeup and facial accessories. These ultra light masks are easy to wear and will not damage makeup or costing you precious time in the bathroom on arrival.

The larger eye cavity is convenient and will open up doors to quality relaxation and rest. The contoured foam exterior and the ultra silky lining is gentle on skin, keeping you comfy while sleeping.

  • Useful Accessories

This handy accessory comes with an elegant carry pouch and ear plugs – giving everything you need in a nice little satchel you can lug anywhere and everywhere.

  • Gentle on your skin

Pretty care masks are built using tested high-quality fabric that is easy on your skin. The mask can be hand washed – avoid wringing and deformation. Machine washing is an option so long as you use a laundry bag.

  • Approved design

All our advanced and clinically approved products conform to Oeko Tek standards for quality and workmanship. The manufacturer uses ultra modern lathes capable of producing super smooth edges and firm joints – for durability and comfort.

One size fits all?

Couldn’t be closer to the truth.

Comfortable and adjustable Velcro straps allow the masks to fit adults and children alike.

The cons

The price is a bit on the higher side.

On the brighter side, proper use guarantees better quality sleep and healthier lifestyle.

Sleep disorders are scarcely about light – often they are genetic or the result of stress. There are many essential oils (lemon oil, chamomile, tea tree, etc) you may want to consider using alongside this product – often just a drop or two on the skin or in tea will be all it takes to nod off.

Our Take

You could argue that the price is a bit steep for a simple accessory. You should consider that the pack consists of a pair of sleep masks, you forgot the unique contour design, the ultra-lightweight, quality of materials, and advanced workmanship. The potential impact on health speaks volumes about this product and manufacturer – An excellent sleep and health product.

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