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Aeris Memory Foam Travel Neck Pillow
Aeris Memory Foam Travel Neck Pillow
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Nothing quite beats a long flight. Amidst the exceedingly sweaty man who keeps hogging the armrest and the crying babies, it’s almost impossible to catch some sleep. But fret not frequent explorer, for alas there is hope!  

The best way to bear a long-haul travel whether by air or by car -is unconsciously. And unless you fly first class or fly business the pillow at your seat only supports your neck by a hair’s breadth. Your head will be bobbing back and forth like a floppy head throughout the flight. Luckily there’s a way you can reduce your jet lag worries by getting a much deeper and sounder sleep. Are you wondering how? Check out my Aeris Memory Foam Travel Neck Pillow Review

Features & Benefits of Aeris Memory Foam Travel Neck Pillow

  • Comfort all around

Thanks to the temperature sensitive visco-elastic material, this pillow manages to hit that sweet spot between comfort and neck support. The U-shape design allows it to effortlessly swathe around the outline of your neck whilst the spongy filling bears the weight of your head.

When your head hits the memory foam, it will slowly depress with minimal resistance until the weight is equally spread throughout the pillow. The memory foam will react to your body heat and soften to mold nicely to your neck. Your head will remain propped up while at the same time be warm and cozy against the soft pillow.

An added perk is the drawstring attached at the ends that ensure your head stays in place. Even with turbulence, the bobbing and nodding will be at a minimum. Consequently, when your head is lifted off, the pillow slowly springs up to its original sturdy shape.

Other than according you a quality sleep free from interruptions, it also rouses blood circulation and purges off muscle tension. Amazing or what?

  • Aerated

Seeing as memory foam is temperature sensitive and tends to hone in your body warmth, it’s no surprise that most memory foam pillows heat up. It leaves you feeling like you’re wearing a thick scarf on a sunny day. Aeris is stacked with ventilation holes all around to prevent your neck from being sweltered.

This pillow does not have any of that smell that comes with new foam pillows. How’s that, you ask? The manufacturer airs it for a seven days before they can declare it fit for your neck. That’s how.

  • Washable and removable cover

If I’m being candid; when I’m deep asleep I tend to slobber all over my pillow. If you’re anything like me you know the value of a removable pillow case that can be laundered. Aeris has a silky lush cover that’s not only gentle on your skin but is also removable and washable.

  • Additional Goodies

The manufacturers have thrown in a couple of fresh embellishments such as a nylon carrying pouch, a sleep mask and ear plugs. This all add to the quality of your sleep. It also comes with a lifetime free replacement guarantee!


  • May cause neck stiffness after extensive use
  • Information about the care of packing has not been included.

My verdict

This is a pocket-friendly versatile neck pillow that can be used for sleeping on planes, buses, trains and cars alike. If you’re at a crossroads on what to get that young adventurer whose always on the road (or air), Aeris Memory Foam Travel Neck Pillow has got your back or your neck.


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