Haitral Portable Travel Camping Inflatable Mattress With Pillow

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Haitral Portable Travel Camping Inflatable Mattress With Pillow
Haitral Portable Travel Camping Inflatable Mattress With Pillow

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The times when air mattresses were beach-exclusive nice-to-haves are long behind us. They’ve since advanced to being a steady option for outdoor use and even better, some are custom-fit for your car.

Mattresses seem to be undergoing their own Darwinian evolution. We’ve moved from the regular “one trick ponies” to more versatile inflatable mattresses. Air mattresses can be employed in a plethora of things. In addition to the typical indoor uses like making for a good guest bed, they dabble in camping and other outdoor activities. Some can also be laid out in the backseat of your car for a much more comfortable road trip. Haitral inflatable car mattress car mobile cushion is a winner in this regard. Here’s my honest review.

Haitral inflatable car mattress car mobile cushion review

  • Comfort

Haitral inflatable car air mattress will transform an automobile’s backseat into a comfortable airbed when camping, travelling, and parking (wink). It is made from high quality PVC. The soft flocked breathable PVC surface has a feathery feel with no lumpy spots. It will have you deep asleep no sooner than your head hits the fluffy mattress. This is because the mattress has sufficient independent air chambers that evenly distribute air throughout the mattress, getting rid of any bubbles.

The 3.9-inch thick inflatable elastic absorbs the vibrations caused by rough driving especially on those bumpy roads. Unlike normal car seats that will throw you up and down, the air mattress will cushion the jumpy jerks. Its internal flow efficiently blocks all the noise from the bottom of the vehicle, according you with a peaceful and quiet environment for you to sleep undisturbed. This inflatable car mattress offers a lot of support; you’ll never feel like you are sinking in. The mattress comes with its own pillow for ample headrest.

  • Ease of use and convenience

This sturdy mattress is easy to inflate but to deflate. It comes with its own pump that connects to the car’s lighter socket offering swift and hassle free inflation in under 3 minutes. The deflation process is not as nippy, which prevents it from going flat overnight. This is manifested in its 10-hour long air retention time while bearing up to 300 lbs off weight. There’s an air inlet a leak-proof cap and a black bung to keep overnight deflation to a minimum of 5%.

An added bonus is that its shape allows it to fit snugly into most full-sized sedans, SUVs and mini Vans. It is valued by many with a knack for adventure ranging from camping to surfing trips.

  • Durable

Polyvinyl chloride commonly known as PVC is not only astringent but wear resistant and shock resistant as well. This vastly adds to the lifespan of the inflatable air mattress for as long as you keep sharp objects and cigarettes at bay. In the case of an unfortunate tear, it has patch kit containing repair glue and some extra PVC. A generous offer don’t you think?  

  • Portability

The Haitral inflatable car mattress can be deflated easily to fit in any storage space no matter how crammed. It has its own carrying bag for proper storage.


The car mattress is only suitable for some car types. For those with super minis like Ford Fiesta and Vitz this is not a worthy buy.

It mirrors the temperature of the environment they are placed in. You would be better served with a foam topper in cooler areas.

Wrap up

This mattress is leniently priced and versatile for outdoor use. It can create a romantic space for you and yours.

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