CPAP Machine XT Fit Machine Review

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CPAP Machine XT Fit Machine Review
CPAP Machine XT Fit Machine Review


CPAP Machine XT Fit Machine Review

Most users of CPAP machines complain about their weight, which hinders portability. When you are in therapy, your machine goes with you wherever you go, and so lack of portability is a deal breaker. The extra light XT Fit fits in your hand luggage effortlessly.

Today’s CPAP machines are not what they were yesterday. Through innovation, manufacturers have found a way to make this form of therapy comfortable. In this CPAP Machine XT Fit Machine review, we highlight the important features of this useful device.

Highlights of The XT Fit Machine

    • Lightweight
    • Portability
    • Efficiency despite its size.
  • The ability to adjust to specific needs in each therapy session.


Weight and Portability

CPAP machines are used by people with breathing problems, to stabilize their breathing and to prevent the airways from collapsing during sleep. The collapse of airways (which could be a result of the jaw line getting on the way) leads to heavy snoring and even paused breathing. This condition, known as sleep apnea, is not only distracting to those who share your room but also quite dangerous.

This machine weighs 1.76 pounds and measures 5.8″ x 5″ x 3.9″. It is one of the smallest CPAP machines in the world. You can carry it in your hand luggage when you travel.  Its power supply is inbuilt, so you will only have the power supply charging cord as the external. It ranges between 100V to 240V, and so you can use it anywhere in the world even without a voltage converter.  The size does not compromise its efficiency. The XT Fit series is just as efficient as machines twice its size.

Minimal Noise

A major complaint about CPAP machines is their level of noise. Some machines are as noisy as the snoring you are trying to curb. The XT Fit machine’s noise level is just below 30 decibels, which is very quite.

Easy-to-Use Interface

This palm-sized machine has a user-friendly interface that translates all the data produced when sleeping into comprehensive information. It shows on the screen, which is backlit for night vision. The readings are recorded in the internal card that comes with your machine. You can access your sleeping patterns through the computer from the mounted card.

Auto-adjusting Algorithm

Natural pressure adjustments through the night affect aeration of the airwaves. This machine adjusts itself through the night to align with the body’s requirements. This way, your body will receive the right amount of pressure without you waking up at any time to adjust it.

In case you want to change the altitude to suit your current location, you can easily adjust it with a button on the face of the machine.


CPAP machines range in pricing, but the most efficient could set you back quite a penny. This brand strikes a balance between efficiency and price-friendliness. It costs less than $200. Please note that the price does not include a  humidifier.

Buy Into Convenience and Efficiency

This CPAP machine has achieved a feat that only very few brands can brag. The manufacturer has found a way to incorporate portability into a palm-sized device. It helps that this machine is a quiet operator too. The price is quite alluring and so is the 2-year warranty. This machine is a worthy purchase.

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