Drink Tart Cherry Juice for a better night sleep




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Drink Tart Cherry Juice for a better night sleep
Drink Tart Cherry Juice for a better night sleep

Drink Tart Cherry Juice for a better night sleep


Insomnia has become such a serious problem that there are around 60 million prescriptions filled for sleeping pills. Not to mention the various traditional methods of treating insomnia available.

While some methods have yet to be proven as factual, some have been altogether ruled out as folklore. One method that’s currently proving popular is tart cherry juice, here’s why;

What is tart cherry juice?

This juice is made of cherries sugar and soda water. To make the perfect juice add sugar to a bowl full of seedless cherries then stir. Leave the contents to sit for around an hour. Squeeze the juice from the mixture and add soda water to it and you’ll have your tart cherry juice.

How does it treat insomnia?

Increases sleep period and efficiency.


A recent study done has shown this juice helps increase sleep periods. This was due to increased levels of melatonin secreted once subjects drank the mixture. Melatonin is a chemical secreted by the body to help it sleep.

Due to the increased sleep periods, there was a higher sleep efficiency experienced by the test subjects of the study.  

Reduces inflammation


Inflamed throats or airways are a major cause of insomnia. The ruby red pigments in the tart cherry juice or proanthocyanidins has an enzyme that helps reduce inflammations.

As a consequence, it has been found that tart cherry juice can help treat joint pains caused by arthritis. This is according to research done by an Oregon university.

In addition to that, the enzyme also reduces breakdown of tryptophan. This is an essential amino acid that is used to produce serotonin and niacin among other chemicals. Due to the reduced breakdown of tryptophan, it works longer on the body.

Reduces fatigue


Constant fatigue could be a reason why you’re experiencing insomnia. However, you won’t have to experience this anymore once you take tart cherry juice.

Due to its composition, the juice is able to reset hormones, thereby reducing your fatigue and burning excess fat.

Contains essential nutrients


A cup of tart cherry juice contains 330mg of potassium. If you consistently exercise, this is vital for your post-workout recovery. That’s not all, this juice contains other vital nutrients. Deficiency of these minerals could lead to serious bouts of insomnia.

Like most of its counterparts, cherry tart juice is a powerful antiviral and antioxidant juice. As a result, it helps you ward off infections and diseases. There’s no doubt the healthier you are the more sleep you accumulate.

Reduces cardiovascular problems


Cardiovascular problems pertains to issues to do with the heart and blood. Due to the juice’s antioxidant and antiviral properties, there’s a reduced rate of you experiencing these kinds of problems.

If not properly attended to, they could easily cause a heart attack.



You shouldn’t drink too much or you’ll experience digestive discomfort.

It isn’t safe to drink if you’re diabetic.




This juice has been nothing short of revolutionary. It’s relatively easy to make and its positives easily speak for themselves.





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