Epsom Salt Bath to Help with Sleep




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Epsom Salt Bath to Help with Sleep
Epsom Salt Bath to Help with Sleep

Epsom Salt Bath to Help with Sleep


If you’ve been consistently tossing and turning at night due to lack of sleep you’re likely suffering from insomnia. However, don’t be scared studies show more than 30% of the population suffer from this condition.

The natural solution to this problem would be to seek help from a doctor, right? Nevertheless, you’ll be shocked to learn prescription drugs aren’t as effective for insomnia as they are for other diseases.

As a result of this, you should consider Epsom salt bath as a remedy for insomnia.

What is Epsom salts?


For starters, Epsom salts is a compound of sulfate and magnesium. Both these compounds are readily absorbed through the skin. This makes it a perfect compound to replenish magnesium in your body.

How does Epsom salts treat insomnia?


Eases stress


It’s no secret that stress is a huge cause of insomnia.  Once you hop onto your bed in a stressed mood you’re unlikely to find any sleep. When you’re stressed your body has its magnesium drained and adrenaline increased.

While this effect is great for short-term periods, it’s harmful over long periods. Taking a dip into an Epsom salt bath will re-supply your body with magnesium. Not only that, a sleep-inducing chemical named serotonin is produced easing the stress.

Relieves pain and inflammations


Night time inflammations and pains are certain to constantly keep you up. Some of these pains include muscle spasms, tensions and joint pains among others.

Step into an Epsom salt bath and the pain will be relieved instantly. The bath will work to reduce muscle tensions that cause pain and inflammations. Should you be experiencing migraines and headaches these will be also treated by the bath.



Due to the hustle and bustle of the modern day life you’re exposed to lots of harmful toxins and chemicals. The chemicals make it hard for the body to synthesize the right chemicals to induce sleep. You’ll be therefore forced to count sheep while you should be sleeping.

However, once you take an Epsom salt bath you’ll be left feeling fresh and drowsy. This is because the bath works to relieve the body of toxins and salts through reverse osmosis. As a bonus, your body will have a stronger immune system due to fewer toxins.

Improves cardio-vascular health


This refers to heart and blood vessels functionality. A weak and infected system will have you consistently lacking sleep. On the other hand, if you frequently bathe using Epsom salts you’re unlikely to experience these problems.

Effective nutrient absorption


A common cause of insomnia is inadequate nutrients in your body. Epsom bath salts work to absorb nutrients fast and effectively. Once you use Epsom salts to bathe you’re likely to get more sleep.



You shouldn’t use the salts if you have open wounds or sores.

Unsuitable for use with artificially colored or perfumed bath salts

They cause irritation on sensitive skins.



All in all, Epsom bath salts are a good way of treating insomnia. Through reverse-osmosis your body is rid of harmful toxins and chemicals ensuring a great night’s sleep.






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