Himalayan Salt Lamps to help with Sleep Apnea

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Himalayan Salt Lamps to help with Sleep Apnea
Himalayan Salt Lamps to help with Sleep Apnea

Himalayan Salt Lamps to help with Sleep Apnea


Consistent interruptions to your sleep cycle may point to you having sleep apnea. Currently, sleep apnea is considered a very serious condition as a result of the complications arising from it.

There are several ways of treating this condition ranging from Western medical methods to traditional methods. I’ll look at Himalayan salt lamps as a remedy for sleep apnea.

What are Himalayan salt lamps?


Basically, this is a lamp created out of a solid, hollow piece of rock salt. A standard bulb is then placed inside the rock.  As a result of this, the lamp produces negative ions improving the quality of the air around you.

How do Himalayan salt lamps treat sleep apnea?


Deodorize & cleanse air


One of the biggest causes of sleep apnea is polluted air. Once you purchase a salt lamp you won’t have to contend with that anymore. The lamp is able to attract and absorb water molecules from the environment through a process called hygroscopy.

The warmth of the lamp will ensure water evaporates back into the atmosphere while impurities such as dust and pollen get stuck on it.

Neutralize Electromagnetic radiation.


In our modern world we are constantly surrounded by electromagnetic waves. These waves are from our radios, televisions and cellphones among others. Consistent exposure to these waves leads to chronic fatigue and elevated stress levels.

Once you have the above symptoms getting consistent sleep is a tough ask. A Himalayan salt lamp works to neutralize these waves. It does this by producing negative ions which pair with the harmful waves emitted.


Increase oxygen supply


The air we breathe in is filled with positive ions. These ions make it hard blood to effectively circulate to your body and brain. However, once you purchase a Himalayan lamp it works to limit their effect.

Since the lamps naturally emit negative ions its ions will pair up with the positive ions thereby neutralizing them. Once this is done, you can expect to have better blood circulation to your vital organs. As a result, you’ll be able to experience better sleep.

Boost concentration and moods


Since the lamp works to boost blood circulation to your body and brain you’re likely to experience higher concentration levels. Not only that, it boosts your mood due to the secretion of serotonin.

This chemical helps induce sleep while it also encourages a positive mood.

Allergy reductions


A common cause for sleep apnea is allergies such as asthma. You’re likely to consistently wake up to cough or due to pain. Poor quality air is the reason why so many of these allergies exist.

With a Himalayan salt lamp you’re unlikely to experience these problems. The lamp removes microscopic mold, dust and mildew in the surrounding area. In no time, you’ll experience a cleaner and higher quality of air.




It turns out this is one of the best kept secrets to reducing sleep apnea and keeping a clean atmosphere around your house.

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