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Well, that title has already put ideas into your head. You probably have this idea that self-hypnosis involves mind control, brainwashing or just some peculiar form of mind frame. Shock on you! Self-hypnosis does not involve any of these things.

You will be pleased to know that during self-hypnosis you are fully aware and in control of your body. Adding to that is this state is harmless and entirely natural, no wizardry mumbo-jumbo is involved. Coming out of the hypnosis is done at your own will or convenience. It is not a statuesque kind of state. Here is how to self-hypnotize yourself to sleep:


  • Clearing your mind


One of the main reasons you may be unable to sleep is due to having too many thoughts. What you do is release everything that happened during the day. Thoughts of what will happen tomorrow should also be released. Once you clear your mind of these thoughts, the next phase focuses on your breathing. Breathing should be done heavily, focusing efforts on drawing in deep and long inhalations. Exhaling slowly as you feel the air leaving your body, will give you a meditation like feeling.

It is followed by visualizing relaxing places, golf courses, beaches or a camping trip can be visual aids. The more visual the experience, the easier it becomes for sleep to come.


  • Releasing tension in the body


To make it easy for the self-hypnosis to work,ensure you have loose fitting clothes once you get to bed. Tight clothes such as jeans and vests should be removed and replaced with loose fitting garments. In this step flex or move each muscle in the body starting with the toes all the way up to the head.

It is meant to simulate how each of the muscle feels during active hours. After every muscle has been moved, allow your feet and toes to go limp with the minimal pressure exerted on them. Doing this allows your body to go into a relaxation mode making sleep easier.


  • Choosing a mantra


You may fall into the category of people who find it hard to visualize a relaxing place when you want to relax. That should not worry you as choosing a mantra will work the same way as visualizing an area. Say you decide mantras such as peaceful sleep, or beautiful sleep chants them after every exhale making it easy for you to sleep. Studies haves shown how self-hypnosis makes it easy to sleep by suggestions and relaxation. Your thought pattern in the brain will be completely rewired due to these suggestions, making it easy to catch some sleep.


The brain is very susceptible to suggestions, and it will be easy to self-hypnotize yourself to sleep by making continuous suggestions to it. It will eventually heed to those commands allowing you to fall asleep quickly.

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