Mustard Oil for Insomnia




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Mustard Oil for Insomnia
Mustard Oil for Insomnia

Mustard Oil for Insomnia

If you’re constantly unable to sleep despite being dead tired from work, you’re likely suffering from insomnia. Statistics show in a group of three it’s likely one of you is suffering from insomnia.

That’s not all, estimates show there are hundreds of people that drive despite being sleep deprived leading to serious or fatal accidents.

As a result of these statistics it wouldn’t be out of place to claim insomnia is a serious problem. Treatment of insomnia ranges from traditional methods to prescription drugs. However, I’m going to talk to you about mustard oil as a remedy for insomnia.

What is mustard oil?

This oil is derived from mustard seeds as its name suggests. Apart from being used as cooking oil it can be also used as massage oil.

How does mustard oil treat insomnia?


Massaging oil

One of the biggest causes of insomnia is restlessness. Chances are high if you’re constantly restless you’ll find it harder to catch some sleep. A massage is one of the best ways to help you relax. It allows the release of tension in the joints and muscles.

In order to ensure the massage session takes minimal time with maximum results use mustard oil. Compared to similar massaging oils none comes close to mustard oil due to its quick absorption capabilities.

You’ll be left with a relaxed and sleepy feeling once the massage session is completed.

Relieves back pains

If you experience constant back pains, chances are high they keep you up at night, right? The pains will normally shift from one side to the other making sleep impossible. Pain killers will probably be recommended by the doctor.

However, there’s a likelihood the pain medication won’t offer any reprieve. Should this occur you should consider mustard oil as a remedy. Use the mustard oil to massage the area experiencing the back pain.

To guarantee satisfactory results you should mix the oil with a bit of camphor and massage the area twice daily. It won’t be long before you start to experience a pain free back.

Treats muscle cramps

Pain from muscle cramps is debilitating and if you’ve experienced it at night there’s likelihood your sleep was disturbed. Once you’ve experienced them consistently normal pain medication won’t do the trick the anymore.

What will work? Massage the area experiencing the cramp using mustard oil. Due to its quick absorption capabilities mustard oil acts as fast pain reliever for muscle cramps. You should massage the area at least twice a day to guarantee success.

Relieves chest pains and joint pains

Consistent joint and chest pains are annoying and a big cause of insomnia. Normal pain medication may prove ineffective after long usage. However, don’t fret mustard oil is just the remedy for these kinds of pains.

It will act fast to relieve the pain ensuring you have a good night’s sleep.


It’s not safe for use by pregnant women.

You have to use it severally to get used to its sensation.


As seen above mustard oil is a great remedy for you if you’ve been experiencing insomnia. In addition to that, it’s all natural.


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