Natural Insomnia Program Blue Heron Health News Review

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Natural Insomnia Program Blue Heron Health News Review
Natural Insomnia Program Blue Heron Health News Review

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Natural Insomnia Program – Blue Heron Health News Review

Aren’t you tired of waking up tired every day and putting off tasks because you are exhausted? How about getting warnings from your supervisor for errors in your reports or the deteriorating relationships with your colleague, just because you are unable to catch enough hours of sleep every night?

Well, you are in luck because this is a review of what could possibly be the best, safest, and the simplest technique for managing insomnia. All you have to do is answer this: do you think you can trick our brain into falling asleep within minutes? While there exist multiple programs devised to help patients with insomnia, this technique has been tested on several individuals. It was also recorded with the help of a licensed hypnotherapist, who is also an advanced Neuro-Linguistic Programming Therapist.

The recorded audio shows that you can lead yourself to a deep sleep state, fast, by using a step-to-step relaxation technique, also called self-hypnosis.

What causes insomnia?

With an increasing number of individuals suffering from insomnia and the subsequent increase in the number of accidents and job losses resulting from insomnia, it is important to understand the condition before trying to treat it.

The inability to fall asleep, stay asleep for long or having trouble falling asleep al describe insomnia. All these result from brain activity.

When you are awake, your mind is fully alert, and your muscles are full of blood and ready to act. Hormones associated with fast action are also high.  In the brain, the alpha and the beta waves are active.

On the other hand, your mind is relaxed as are the muscles. The muscles may even appear to be paralyzed when you are asleep because blood is stored in the intestines when you are asleep. In your deepest and the most restful sleeping state, your brain operates on the slow theta waves, and the delta waves which are even slower than the theta waves. Therefore, your brain is completely relaxed when you are deeply asleep.

Self-hypnosis for insomnia

According to this technique, and every other insomnia treatment technique, you send your body into sleep through relaxation of the mind and body. The self-hypnosis technique is built on this line of thought – since sleeping pills send your body into sleep by relaxing the mind and the body, why wouldn’t you fall asleep by using a safer technique that relaxes the body and mind? The self-hypnosis technique supposedly puts the brain into a light relaxing trance, and it also triggers the brain to move in close to the theta and the delta wave functions.

Effects of Self-Hypnosis

The following (three) cases are backed up by three different studies, and they all show that self-hypnosis may be the next-best no-pills treatment insomnia.


  • It helps you fall asleep in 12 minutes – Case Study 1


Accordingly, this study discovered that it takes an average of 45 minutes for an individual to fall asleep. What if you could reduce these minutes to around ten minutes?

After the self-hypnosis trick where the participants in the laboratory listened to the step-by-step relaxation audio, the results indicated that it only took the individuals in the study between 12 and 20 minutes for them to fall asleep.

While there were different versions of the audio, the technique resulted in about 75 percent reduction in the time it took the individuals to fall asleep, in just two days. Also, in some cases, the participants fell asleep in less time than it was expected they would.


  • 85 Percent increased duration of deep sleep – Case Study 2


In a study undertaken by researchers from the University of Zurich, where several women were recruited into the test, it was clear that the technique led to an 85 percent increase in the duration of deep sleep.

On the first night, the participants fell asleep in about 66 percent less the time it took them normally. As the studies proceeded, the women spent 85 percent more than the time they were in a deep sleep normally.

This is of great significance because most people suffering from insomnia can fall asleep but they are in a deep sleep for a short time, or they are shallow sleeping all the time, and waking up frequently. By having more time in deep sleep, you get quality sleep, and you wake up alert, rested and energized.


  • Permanently cured insomnia – Case Study 3


This was a joint stud between Harvard and Yale Universities where the researchers taught the self-hypnosis technique to a group of individuals suffering from insomnia.

While the average time taken to fall asleep stood at 52 minutes at the start of the study, the time reduced to 22 minutes after learning the trick. About a year after learning the trick, the average sleep time was 15 minutes with most participants considered completely cured.


Looking at these three studies, there is a big possibility that listening to guided step-by-step relaxation audio will help you fall asleep faster, spend more time in the deep sleep cycle, and yes, it can cure insomnia.


  • It has no side effects
  • It is easy to use
  • It guarantees less time spent trying to fall asleep
  • It cures insomnia
  • More time in deep sleep leading to better relaxation and rejuvenation


  • Not well known
  • The studies aren’t well documented

Why is Natural Insomnia Program better than sleeping pills

Even though sleeping pills can knock you out fast after you ingest them, it doesn’t come without side effects like drowsiness which affects your productivity, and the pills may endanger your life too.

Some sleeping diseases are also known to increase your risk of developing diseases like cancer, heart attacks and in extreme cases, they make you suicidal. Overdosing the pills is also unsafe not to mention that some pills are known to cause hallucinations, mental disorientation, and memory glitches. Noting that the pills leave you feeling worse in the morning and taking them affects your performance in future, you should consider opting out of sleeping pills.

The Natural Insomnia Program, also called self-hypnosis, on the other hand, doesn’t involve use of chemicals and it isn’t risky – you may oversleep, but you will be well-rested when you wake up.



It may seem that out of all insomnia medications/ treatments on the market, think sleeping pills, change of lifestyle, teas, and herbs, the Natural Insomnia Program is the most effective one.

Taking into account the fact you just need a rested mind and body to sleep, this Natural step-by-step relaxation training insomnia program could be all you need to fall asleep fast, and to banish your insomnia.

You will also lead a happier life, you will have high productivity, and you will have great relationships with your friends, colleagues, and family.

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