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Privacy Pop Bed Tent
Privacy Pop Bed Tent


Privacy Pop Bed Tent Review

Bedtime means time to forget all your worries and to rest your body after a long day. Now, have you ever wanted so bad to lock the world out and create this shell that could help you sleep soundly? While it is not your everyday invention, this tent will change the way you view bedtime forever.

Why Are We Fussing Over The Pop Bed Tent?

Well, that us because it is the best I have seen. Basically, it is a tent that you place on your bed, or you can place it on its own. It creates a fortress that you can run to whenever you want to shut the world out.

Why We Think It is Amazing

  • Get Some Privacy

When you want to be alone but you share the bedroom or hotel room with other people, this bed tent helps you create a wedge between you and your roommates. The light will be dimmer inside than it is outside and you will get the privacy that you need, even though you have people sharing the room. No more worrying about your awkward sleeping position.

  • Less Light, More Reading

If you are fond of books, you have a challenge with overhead lighting. If you use the light bulb on the ceiling as opposed to the bedside lamp, you will have direct light shining on you, which makes it impossible to read. This tent solves that since it keeps the light out, only letting in small amounts if it, thanks to its black cover. Additionally, it keeps some level of noise out to allow you a peaceful read.

  • Sleep Anytime

If you work nights, the natural sunlight may make it hard for you to sleep soundly during the day. Naturally, our bodies are made for night sleeping, which is why the hormones activate during the day. This tent will trick the body of the timings by dimming your sleeping chambers and keeping away most of the natural sunlight. Ideal for power naps too.

  • Separate the Children

Sibling rivalry is real among children. You can prevent them from tearing each others’ eyes out by getting this tent that will separate them and make each of them feel as though they have a room of their own. You will sleep better too since they will wake you fewer times than normal with their screams.

  • Keeps The Furry Friends Away

We love out kitties, but some people are allergic to fur. Kitties cannot tell whether a whizz of their natural dressing makes you sneeze, and so they will insist on cuddling with you in your bed. Keep them away without feeling inhuman by using this separator. They will still sleep in your bed, but you will at least have some barrier.


The zip jams midway at times, and it is quite frustrating getting it to work well. A grumpy child would run out of patience if it did jam on them. The material is only party water-resistant. If you had a spillage, it would soak up most of the water.

To Buy Or Not?

Privacy, check. Mosquito repellant ability, check. This tent is undoubtedly one of the most thoughtful inventions. It will change bedtime as you know it. Privacy Pop Bed Tent Black click here

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