Hоw tо Slеер Bеttеr in 6 Sіmрlе Stерѕ – Six Steps To Sleep [Review]

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Hоw tо Slеер Bеttеr in 6 Sіmрlе Stерѕ – Six Steps To Sleep [Review]
Hоw tо Slеер Bеttеr in 6 Sіmрlе Stерѕ – Six Steps To Sleep [Review]


Six Steps To Sleep Review

Are you insomniac? This is the best news you will get today.

Every insomniac will tell you they have a formula that gets them to sleep. For me, it was the ‘clear my mind’ theory. I would focus all my energies on clearing my mind by trying to think of nothing at all,  which was supposed to help me fall asleep after a few minutes of getting in bed. In the process of clearing my mind, I would overthink, overanalyze, and only get to sleep when my brain was tired of wandering. That would be a good three hours from the time of getting into bed. What would follow, as you would expect were days of torment from sleep, exhaustion, and incapability to finish my work in the allotted time. I was perennially looking tired. I knew my formula was not working, but I did it have anything better to swap it with. I wallowed in sleep-deprivation until I found the Six Steps To Sleep guide during one of my nocturnal internet searches.

What is It About?

Six Steps To Sleep is an eBook introduces the ideologies of sleep hygiene (which I had never heard of). It explains how our surroundings can affect the brain and alter your sleeping cycle. The author discourages the use of pills and other inorganic ways of dealing with the problem that could only lead to addiction without addressing the underlying concerns. The book looks at improving your sleeping cycle for good, without the use of any external force. It addresses your diet, your environment and other daily habits that could adversely affect your sleep.

About The Book’s Author

The author of this eBook, Peter Litchfield suffered from insomnia for a long time. When he could not take it anymore, he went seeking solutions from experts and had sessions with a sleep hygienist who explained his condition in depth and helped him overcome insomnia. Litchfield decided to delve deeper into the matter so that he could understand it better and be able to help fellow insomniacs. His research took him back hundreds of years where he seeks to find out how the ancient man slept through storms and what we could learn from them. The eBook details the eye-opening revelations that will help you reset your system in 30 days, and improve the quality of your sleep.

The 30-day program involves these nine chapters as outlined in the eBook;

Chapter 1: Working with Your Natural Cycle

Chapter 2: Waking up During the Night

Chapter 3: Stress and Sleep

Chapter 4: Sleeping Before a Big Occasion

Chapter 5: Napping

Chapter 6: Sharing a Bed

Chapter 7: Smoking and Sleep

Chapter 8: Alcohol and Sleep

Chapter 9: Air Travel and Sleep

What Can You Expect from This eBook?

If the success of the eBook is anything to go by (over 100,000 copies sold on Kindle), then you should expect nothing short of a good night’s sleep.


  • Self-Hypnosis – Sleep Like a Baby


The author narrates over the Hypnotic beats, a recording of what causes your insomnia. These hypnotic beats have the effect of getting you drowsy as you listen, which leads to your falling asleep unknowingly. This track, which borrows from Paul McKenna’s Sleep Like A Log audio, uses subliminal messaging. You can listen to it at any time of the day, but ensure that you are not driving or operating a machine because it causes your mind to get into a trance-like state.


  • A Guide On Diet


You may have repeatedly read that your diet, especially the few hours before bedtime, has an effect on your sleep. Litchfield expounds this better than I have ever read in any online blog. He even goes on to hive you options on what to do to positively impact your diet. He does not hover over the subject; he delves deep into the numerous food choices that lead to the lack of sleep and gives alternatives.


  • The Six Steps Audios


I saved the best for last! The book has four binaural beats audios, namely Calm Mind, Deep Sleep, Anxiety Release, and Blissful Sleep. Each of these recordings lasts 15 minutes, and they each have the optimum times for listening.

Calm mind goes best with evenings to help calm an overactive mind and sooth you to sleep. When listening to it, you will note the mind creating a blank canvas, which is ideal for a goodnight’s sleep.

Sleep deep, with Delta waves is ideal for the evenings because those are the waves that your brain produces when in the state of deep slumber. For the best effect, listen to it an hour before bedtime.

You can listen to Anxiety Release both during the day and at night since it relieves the mind of tension and anxiety.

These audios are downloadable in mp3 format, and you can play them on any portable device.

Does it Work?

I managed to complete the program, all through to the 30th day. It started working from day 6 when my mind finally surrendered. In my review, it works perfectly. Even before the end of the program, I could sleep like a log till the morning. I believe the success of this program can be attributed to the fact that the author focuses on addressing the root of insomnia as he works his way to the solution.

I know I should probably not mention this, especially given that the world is moving towards a paperless society, but what happens to those who are not tech-savvy yet? The book could be published on paper to get to the throngs of people that would otherwise not access it online, with a guide on how to download the tunes.

Final Thoughts

This book is priced just right, for a product that could help you turn back the clock and get enough sleep as recommended by the National Sleep Foundation. Thanks to this 30-day program, my days are quite easy and productive because I no longer look like the walking dead. If you suffer from insomnia, this eBook could change your life.

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