Sleep Master Ultima Comfort Memory Foam 6 Inch Mattress, Twin

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Sleep Master Ultima Comfort Memory Foam 6 Inch Mattress, Twin
Sleep Master Ultima Comfort Memory Foam 6 Inch Mattress, Twin

Time for some shut-eye and all you want is a comfortable bed with a mattress that hugs your frame.  

Bedtime Stories-Reviewing The Sleep Master Ultima

Time for some shut-eye and all you want is a comfortable bed with a mattress that hugs your frame.  

Regency Natural Ultra Fine 100% Cotton...

Regency Natural Ultra Fine 100% Cotton…

There is only one thing you hope for when you get to bed, to sleep like a baby and wake up happy. Well, doesn’t always happen like that. Your mattress will either give you a stiff back in the morning, which will culminate into a ruined day, or allow you to sleep soundly, in which case you will fall in the 47 percent of the population that invests in quality bedtime. Of course, the latter will come at a prohibitive cost (in the range of $800) as is expected of foam mattresses.

Sleep Master Ultima comes into the market infiltrated with brands to try its hand at changing the game. Whereas in the past foam mattresses have been exorbitantly priced, this foam mattress promises good tidings for your bedtime at a cost that will not have you filing for bankruptcy. It must be quite something to elicit 70 percent 5-star reviews from over 2,700 reviewers on Amazon as of November 2016. The highs of this foam mattress? The price and stamina to withstand just about anything. Lows? The support seems to be wanting.

Here are some of the attributes that you may find refreshing about this mattress.

The Make-Up Of It

Granted the manufacturers say it is a foam mattress. Upon further interrogation, we find that this 6-inch twin Sleep Master Ultima consists of 1.5 inches Memory Foam, 4.5 inches High-density Base Support Foam, and a soft, knitted Jacquard cover for exterior protection. Even though the cover is soft and knitted, it holds its own with machine wash. We have reviewers saying that they machine-washed the cover more than once and it retained its original shape.

We further get to know that the foam is certified by CertiPUR, the body that lets you know whether foam-based products meet their mark for durability. This pretty much puts this mattress on the map for quality.

CertiPUR’s nod certifies more than its durability. The body checks to confirm that your mattress conforms to the carbon emission policies so that your mattress does not deplete the Earth even as it serves you. The foam base is not only environmentally friendly but it also free of metals such as mercury that manufacturers sometimes use to perfect the quality. For the sake of your health (and the environment), this feature should be top on your priorities when getting a new mattress.

Compact Easy-to-Ship Size

You are probably wary of buying a new mattress (especially if you live in an apartment six floors up) because of the complications of hauling it up. Well, it is a new era, and this memory foam mattress is compressed into a small box that shows up at your day one morning, thanks to Zinus’ patented technology.

Once you have received your purchase, you should let it decompress, preferably for 72 hours, but 48 would do just fine. During this time, the mattress will take on its full 6-inch size and shape. Some reviewers say that theirs did not need the 48 hours and that they went on to sleep on them in as little as 10 hours of unwrapping, but their mattresses still expanded beautifully.

These foam mattresses come in a variety of sizes(75 x 6 x 39 inches, 26.2 lbs for the twin, 75 x 54 x 6 inches, 39lbs for full size, and 80 x 60 x 6 inches, 44lbs for the queen). Considering that they come in a compact packaging, this weight is not too much to handle.

Did Someone order Odorless?

You know that funky smell that mattresses have, whether new or used? Zinus had this in mind when they designed this model. This foam mattress is fortified with Evergreen scents to keep away funny smells when it is new. The technology further goes to employ active charcoal emissions that keep the human odor away as you use it.

This technology does not lose its effectiveness as the mattress ages. It keeps it fresh, making it ideal for little ones who may still soil their bed.

Foam Memory For Form

Foam memory is not just a fancy word. Manufacturers employ this technology to make the mattress ideal for form. The memory foam in this mattress takes the shape of your body as you sleep and allow it to sink to a level that makes you comfortable as per your weight. You do not sink too far to feel the hard parts of the mattress, but you are also not on the surface. If you check in the morning, you may notice the imprint of your body, which goes back to normal in minutes. Most mattresses possess this quality but lose it in within months of use. Not the Ultima.


Memory Foam Too Thin

As ideal as this mattress is, 4.5 inches of high-density foam is good, but if you are on the heavier side, you may feel it through the 1.5 inch of memory foam. It is not enough to hold you if you weigh 180 pounds and above. The heavier reviewers felt that the memory foam, however, comfortable was too thin to hold their weight. The eventuality is stiffness and aching backs.

This mattress works ideally for young ones who are certainly shorter and lighter. The 1.5-inch memory form will support their bodies perfectly. For adults, you would only be okay if you weighed less than 180 pounds. However, there is a catch. It emerges that those who sleep on their backs feel the uncomfortable firmness less than their counterparts who sleep on their sides and stomachs.  

Won’t Last as Long

Ultima Comfort, just like any other spring mattress is designed with iCoils to minimize motion transfer. This technology helps align the spine by enabling the mattress to handle the sleeper’s weight supportively. As much as this mattress does that, some of the reviewers reported incidences of sagging after only about three years of use. This goes to say that its shelf life is limited.

What Do We Think?

Most foam mattresses cost too much to present any real value for money. This mattress is priced in the range that makes it possible for most people to afford a quality mattress. We note the shortcomings that make it mostly ideal for children and the occasional adult guest. It may not be ideal for regular use by adults. We like the odorless property and its environmental friendliness. Overall, it is a  sound investment for your children or your guest room.  

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