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Snoring is a sound produced during sleep. It is caused by vibrating tissues within the airways, that is, of the nose and throat. The vibrations come about as a result of turbulent air flow through the narrowed airways.

There are a number of ways to remedy the situation. This way one can reduce and eventually stop snoring during their sleep. Here is a review of these solutions.

Try a different sleeping position.

Sleeping on your back can be a cause of snoring. This is because the soft palate and tongue base collapse to the throat’s back wall. This, in turn, causes vibrations during sleep. The best way to prevent this is by sleeping on your side.

Losing weight

Weight is a risk factor for experiencing snoring during your sleep. In cases where individuals scored mostly, after gaining weight, losing weight would be a probable solution. Weight gained around your neck area causes the internal diameter of the neck to get squeezed. As such, your breathing airways are more likely to collapse during sleep. This triggers vibrations which cause you to snore. So how about you start working out or join your local gym.

Keeping nasal passages open

Simply hitting the nail right on the head. Keeping the nasal passages is the most basic method one can embrace to stop snoring. It allows the air to move in a non-turbulent flow making it go slower. If the passage is closed, the fast-moving air causes vibrations resulting in snoring. This is mostly attributed to blockages due to a cold and can easily be remedied.

Changing your beddings

Allergens in one’s bedroom may contribute to snoring. Your pillow would more specifically be a point of origin amongst your beddings.  Allergic reactions may arise from dust, allowing pets on your bed among other things. These can cause you to inhale dust mites and animal dander. These are common irritants that cause congestion in the nasal pathways. The best way to prevent this is to air fluff your pillows every couple of weeks. Change your sheets regularly to keep allergens and dust mites away. Most importantly, keep pets out of the bedroom.

Staying hydrated

It is healthy to stay hydrated. It equally plays a role when it comes to snoring. This is because it affects the secretions in the nose. They become sticker when you dehydrated. This can cause snoring as the nasal pathways are clogged. This constructs the flow, making it turbulent resulting in snoring. Taking at least eight cups of water a day will help prevent snoring.

Avoiding and reducing alcohol intake

When you drink alcohol, the resting tone of muscles at the back of your throat reduce. This makes it more likely for you to snore. This worsens when you drink alcohol three to five hours before sleeping. It does not happen in all cases of drinking alcohol. Yet, it increases the probability of snoring for non-snoring people.

Practicing good sleeping habits

This is similar to drinking alcohol. When you finally lie down after long periods of unrest, your muscles tend to over relax. This floppiness makes it easier for there to be vibrations which result in snoring sounds.

In conclusion, you should avoid alcohol, get enough sleep and stay hydrated and you will alleviate your snoring. Most importantly, practice a good sleeping posture.


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