Top 5 Plants to Help you Sleep Better


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Top 5 Plants to Help you Sleep Better
Top 5 Plants to Help you Sleep Better

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If plants help you sleep better then give this idea a rating from 1-10.

Here are top 5 plants that have helped other people get a good nights sleep.

Try one or all for a better night sleep.


For centuries, lavender has that calming feeling and has been known to help reduce anxiety and stress as well as slow your heart rate.  No green thumb? No problem try Lavender essential oils.

Snake Plant

Just like aloe, the snake plant also releases more oxygen at night than during the day! This improves your room’s air quality and can make breathing easier on your body.

White Jasmine 

The History And Benefits Of Jasmine. Jasmine‘ is a common name for plants classified in the genus Jasminum which produces a sweet perfume from its delicate white  stary flowers,

Aloe Vera

Studies have shown that aloe plants release a ton of oxygen. It can help fight insomnia and has many other benefits like

  • Detoxifying.
  • Supports the immune system.
  • Lowers cholesterol and blood sugar.
  • Excellent for digestion.
  • Hair growth.
  • Good for burns
  • Acne and hydrating skin.

English Ivy

Ivy is one of the best (and easiest to grow). The ivy soaks up toxins in the air and emits healthy oxygen! In fact, English Ivy can reduce air mold  by up to 92% – you’ll breathe easier with this plant in your room.

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