Wave Premium Sleep Therapy Sound Machine

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Wave Premium Sleep Therapy Sound Machine
Wave Premium Sleep Therapy Sound Machine

Tune everything out and catch a good night’s sleep with this device.

Wave Premium Sleep Therapy Sound Machine Review

Tune everything out and catch a good night’s sleep with this device.

There are those days you get in bed and fall asleep almost instantly, thanks to the activities of the day. Shortly after, you are awakened by sounds of cars leaving your socially active neighbor’s home, and you cuss as you imagine how long it is going to take you to go back to sleep. Four hours later, several pages of a boring book later, you fall asleep. Caffeine will help you stay alert the next day, you decide.

This sleeping aid was designed to help you lock noises in the background. You only need to adjust the volume to match whatever madness keeps you up.

Features of The Wave Premium Sleep Therapy Sound Machine

  • Sleek, Portable Design

It is small and simplistic, with a sleek design and only a few knobs. The glossy outlook looks good for your bedside table, even as it tunes out the noisy background. It only occupies a small footprint and has a stand to propel it against the surface.

It is simple in that it only has one knob for volume control. Once you plug it in, it stays on and only requires you to select your preferred music the set the volume.

  • Has a Timer

This sleeping aid gives you four choices. If you are can sleep through the night and only need help falling asleep, you can set the timer to 15, 30, or even 60 minutes, after which it will automatically turn itself off. If you are a light sleeper who needs help staying asleep, you could leave it on for the night. It will certainly increase your power expense, but the little extra does not equal a good night’s sleep.

  • Tunes For You

You have six natural sounds to choose from: rain, ocean, fan, white sound, summer night, and stream. They all generate soothing sounds that make it easy to fall asleep, almost as soon as you turn the machine on. You have a dial to control the volume. The sound is so gentle that an infant will sleep through it all night.

  • Plug and Go

The Wave Premium Sleep Therapy Sound Machine is not battery operated. It comes with a long cord for power connection so that you only need to plug and use. For tie reason, you cannot bring it to your camping trips, but then again, nature will sooth you to sleep.

  • Charge Your Gadgets

It has an inbuilt USB charger so that you can plug in your phone to charge in the extra port. Just be sure to plug it in to the main power supply.


    • Lightweight and portable
    • Sleek design
    • Inbuilt charger
    • Good price
    • 6 natural sound good for adults and babies alike.
    • Adjustable volume control.
  • Timer for 15, 30, and 60 minutes and for the entire night.


No battery back up

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