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Fitbit Flex is the sleep tracker i use and it is the tracker I will use in all of my sleep case studies. 4478d190-b1dd-452b-8b81-a6bec03e8973.jpg._CB268687275__SR970,300_I got mine on Amazon for around $90.00.  Fitbit flex wristband does a lot more then track your sleep , like track your steps, record your eating habits, recording your fluids you drink. How much exercise you did this week and weight goals.   8-30-2016 5-42-03 PM8-30-2016 5-43-07 PM8-30-2016 5-45-34 PM8-30-2016 5-46-35 PM8-30-2016 5-51-39 PM8-30-2016 5-53-14 PMAll though I have had troubles staying asleep, I have never had troubles getting to sleep. or getting up. With fitbit and as you can see with the images to the right.(Note:  Image button above will show a larger size of each image) I have a 91% sleep efficiency which is really good. But it did not start out that way. There was a few things that kept me awake. Drinking to much water before I went to bed resulted in me getting up every 2 hours to use the bathroom.




  • No longer necessary to tap the Fitbit before going to sleep
  • I like that I can wear it 24/7 and only have to take it off to charge it once every 7 days
  • I can set up to 8 silent vibrating alarms on this fltbit.
  • Tracks what time i get up and for how long.
  • Help loose weight. Less snoring


  • Battery only lasts 7 days until you have to charge again


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  1. Please add your ideas about this sleep tracker and what benefits it helped you with.


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