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What Is A Sleep Cycle: Natural Patterns That Help You Sleep Better

What Is A Sleep Cycle: Natural Patterns That Help You Sleep Better
Help from White noise

Help from White noise

What Is A Sleep Cycle:

Some days, you wake up full of positive energy and strength. Others, you are like hit by a truck. Have you ever wondered what causes this imbalance?

The answer is – sleep cycles. In order for you to understand the meaning of a sleep cycle, let’s just say that our brains are programmed to go through various patterns of activity while they rest during sleep. As weird it may sound, your brain is sometimes more active when you are asleep than when you are awake.

But how does this link to sleep cycles?

Well, your sleep has three different phases. When you enter the ‘sleep mode’, it all starts with the NREM sleep phase (N1) which is the transition from your conscious mind to sleep. The second stage comes next and lasts around 20 minutes where your brain prepares for the third stage of the NREM sleep – known as the ‘deep sleep’. These three phases of one sleep cycle.

Now, one sleep cycle lasts for 90 minutes. But if you wake up during that sleep cycle, you will feel more dizzy, moody and lazy. This is because your brain was not able to finish the sleep cycle and is hence unprepared for the wake-up mode.

So for example, if you decide to sleep for 6 hours and go to bed at 12am to wake up at 6am, that means you will sleep for four full sleep cycles. Or in other words, you won’t have problems waking up. However, if you wake up before 6am intentionally or not, you will feel more sleepy and will have a hard time waking up to your full potential.

The sleep cycles can be best explained as awake-sleep-deep sleep. And as much as you cannot control them by yourself, thanks to technology – there is a way to sleep better.  Be sure to check out each product and ideas on our website.

Help U Sleep will help you get the most out of your sleep with tools like sleep trackers, cool products, and ideas. An app that is made to improve your sleep and make you wake up fresher than ever. Thanks to the science we mentioned above related to sleep cycles, we have programmed an app that tells you what is keeping you awake and what you need to correct it.

Sounds good?

Try it today  – and learn how to sleep better!

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