Month: January 2019

Are Adults Getting More or Less Sleep in the US?

According to a recent survey and study, American adults are getting less sleep now than ever. Between 2004 and 2012 Americans reported relatively stable cases of short sleep – basically less than 6 hours of sleep a night – but the numbers have been increasing since 2013. The study notes that this trend is especially noticeable in Hispanics and non-Hispanic blacks, which leads to debate on the raci...[Read More]

Gratitude for Sleep: Note it Down for Better Sleep

It is naturally easy to think about the bad than the good, but would it be beneficial to our health if we focused on the positive side of life a little more? A study done to show the effect of gratitude on sleep showed that going to bed with a positive attitude led to better quality of sleep. Those who register and note the things they are grateful for are more likely to sleep better than those wh...[Read More]

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