The Reason for Help U Sleep .com

The Reason for Help U Sleep .com

help_uEveryone needs sleep. Without it, your mind and body can’t function.  In my case I had no problems falling asleep, usually within 5 minutes. But staying asleep. There are many things that kept me awake or caused me to wake up. I would try a few things that I heard about and they seemed to help But I could not tell which ones helped more until now.  I love the new gadgets that have come out where you can track your sleep. There are different products out there that track your motions around your wrist. I have tested a few of them and you can see my results on this site. A  few of the problems I was having I solved with what I will call sleep tools. The first tool is a sleep tracker called Fitbit Flex. You wear it on your wrist to track your sleep patterns. With testing, I was able to solve a few problems I was having getting a good night sleep. Here is some problems I was having and the solutions. 8-14-2016 10-00-44 AM

The first problem was I kept hearing sounds at night. Barking dogs, water going through the pipes from automatic sprinklers or you guessed it me snoring and waking myself up a few times. So the first solution was  making a white noise. A sound that makes a steady noise all night.  There are many white noises. I used a small fan which I bought online for around $20. Living here in Arizona it also kept ed me cooler.

The second problem i was having was an easy fix was getting up every 2 hours to go to the bathroom. i did not realize just how much until  I was shown on the sleep tracker tool. At the beginning, it was every 2 hours. I have learned to cut back on when I have that last drink of water or yes in my case was soda.  This brings me to another problem I was having. When I was drinking too much soda or eating certain foods just before bedtime I developed acid reflux.  Most of the time it was when I had just started to fall asleep and was sleeping on my right side.  I solved this by cutting back on the fluids and sleeping only on my left side until about 2:00 am.

Another thing that kept me awake was lower back pain from lifting to much weight and not using my knees more. Solution 3 Aleve’s pain pills.

With you will be able to track and rate which products and ideas work and which ones just keep the eyes open.


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